Your Take – Color Edition (Results!)

We’re in the midst of our long, gray winter here in the North American mid-west and color is on my mind.

In search of a color infusion, I turned my attention to our Queen of the Colorful, Queen Mathilde. Tils is not afraid of wearing some brights, so much so that I associate her strongly with them. Going through photos I realized that she is not afraid of any color on the spectrum, from the pale to the eye-searing.

We’ve discussed how royals use color, both to stand out in crowd and to identify with certain events. It’s also a fact that certain colors work better on certain coloring.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

So what color do you think works best for our sartorially fearless Tilly? MInd you, the below is just a small sample from our fearless color warrior! She is a color spectrum scamp of the first order.

What color does our fearless color warrior wear the best?
No question about it. Mathilde wears them all well!