Open Post – Diplomatic Reception Buckingham Palace

It is a good thing we are virtual reporters and not required to be physically present at all these tiara events this week! Tonight is the Queen’s annual Diplomatic Reception, or what we call around here “Spotting tiaras in the back seats of cars as they drive by”. All joking aside, although much of the reception is not documented, there are, on occasion, photos released. It might be our lucky year. If not, it’s identifying tiaras through car windows for us.

From the official website:

The Diplomatic Reception is the main diplomatic social event of the year in London and reflects The Queen’s importance in the country’s diplomatic relations. It is the largest reception held at Buckingham Palace and takes place annually in early December. Over 1,500 people are invited from around 130 countries, including members of the British government, past Prime Ministers, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and other public figures.

The Royal blogging gods were kind, and we did get some photos!

Our lady’s ensembles for the evening are all stunning, and a few surprises are in store, too. The Queen is wearing an Angela Kelly “state” gown, two of the Cartier Quintet bracelets and the Vladimir tiara with the emeralds. All of which is terrific but it’s the necklace that has everyone in a tizzy. Is it new? We’ll keep you updated if and when we find out.

The Duchess of Cornwall is wearing a (new! but similar!) cream embroidered gown by Bruce Oldfield and the Greville Boucheron. The Duchess of Cambridge is making me fan myself. She is sporting a gorgeous navy velvet gown by McQueen, the Lover’s Knot, the Queen’s Diamond Chandelier Drop Earrings, and the Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace.

Embed from Getty Images

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Many thanks to the folks on Twitter for the quick identifications and for all the humor. JR, the Royal Watcher, Camilla’s Closet and so many more, you are all the best!