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Fringe Friday

Trying something new – no battles or defenses, just a look at some of our spiky friends. This series was inspired by this Instagram post:

That is the Fringe Tiara belonging to Princess Louise, daughter of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, and granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Louise was Bertie and Alex’s third child and first daughter, and was eventually made Princess Royal.

Louise wearing the Fringe as a necklace and some other tiara. 🙂

The Fringe Tiara was a gift to Louise from her parents upon her marriage to Alexander Duff, then the Earl of Fife and eventually the Duke of Fife (yes…that FIFE).

This fringe is a pretty classic design, with larger fringes/rays interspersed with smaller spikes.

Upon Louise’s death, the tiara was inherited by her daughter, Princess Alexandra, 2nd Duchess of Fife and has remained in the family ever since. There were rumors that it had be quietly auctioned off, but those were put to bed when this tiara went on display at Kensington Palace, along with Victoria’s Emerald Tiara and the FIFE Tiara.

While not my favorite fringe out there (#TeamBaden), this one is firmly in my Top 5.

Louise's Fringe is...