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Fringe Friday

Trying something new - no battles or defenses, just a look at some of our spiky friends. This series was inspired by this Instagram post: That is the Fringe Tiara belonging to Princess Louise, daughter of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, and granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Louise was Bertie and… Continue reading Fringe Friday


In Defense of the Tiara – Teck Crescent Tiara

Programming Note: Hofdame Bits and Bobs will publish on Monday. Time to dip back into the British Vault, way back, since this one hasn't been seen on a royal head since the Queen Mum: The Teck Crescent Tiara. The History As the name suggests this one comes from the Teck side of the Royal Family,… Continue reading In Defense of the Tiara – Teck Crescent Tiara