Housekeeping – Links and Christmas Greetings

Hey all, we have been under a spam attack the last few days so we have disabled the ability to post web links in the comments. They will have to go through moderation first, and since we are in the thick of the holidays, moderation might take a while. This is the internet’s idea of a Christmas gift ; ).

While we are here, thank you all for being such a great community. We can’t run this with without you! If you are celebrating the Christmas holidays, may they be healthy and happy for you. If you are not, hang in there, we’ll be back in the sparkle business Monday! We can’t tell you how much all of you are valued and appreciated here.

To lead us into the holiday and take our minds off of spammer bots, here are some of our royals.

The message we have all been waiting for.

Victoria reading the nativity story.

Would you like some honey from the bees at Haga Palace? The Swedish royal children delivered some to the very deserving essential workers on duty Christmas Eve.

Philippe, spreading calm and balm for the holiday.

The Belgian Royal Children, who are so good at this thing, send greetings.

WAX speaks from his gilded room, King that he is.

You didn’t think Prince Albert had a goofy side? The kids bring it out.

Charles and Camilla, reading the “Night Before Christmas”.