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Random Royal Rotogravure

Note: Next week we will do a deep dive on the Romanovs, courtesy of one of our community, so this is a good way to ease ourselves into the topic! Use this and the Bits post for general conversation, as you feel like it, over the holiday. We’ll see everyone on Monday. Many happy holiday returns to those who celebrate.

Royal Sisters 1874: Alexandra, consort of Prince Edward (later King Edward VII) and her sister the Empress Marie Dagmar of Russia, (1847 – 1928, left), consort of Tsar Alexander III. Both women are daughters of King Christian IX of Denmark. (Photo by Bergamasco/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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Sisters whose children would have entirely different fates. One the mother of a British king and a Norwegian queen. The other, the mother of probably one of the most tragic, misguided figures in history.

We have a long weekend, and I know there are many of you who have more than just a passing interest in Nicholas II and the Romanovs. Feel free to discuss them, as well as King George V and Queen Maud of Norway in the comments below. And hey, if someone wants to discuss Alix’s other daughter, the Princess Royal who had that MARVELOUS TIARA in her personal collection, I won’t complain.