In Defense of the Tiara – Crown Princess Mary’s Wedding Tiara

The Facts

This delicate diamond tiara was a wedding gift from Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. It is convertible, and can be worn as a necklace. Its light and airy sparkles are a nice counterpoint to the elaborate ruby parure Mary has the use of for big occasions. Mary added the pearls in 2011, to give the tiara a bit more gravitas.

The Case for the Tiara

LiL: Its okay, but I really wish it was bigger. Even after its upgrade I wish it was bigger. Make bigger.

OC: The added pearls really fleshed out this tiara. I see this as a future-Isabella piece, rather than a future Mrs. Christian piece.

LG: I like it. It was a nice smaller option, as she also had the fabulous Ruby Parure, and I’m always in for a convertible piece.

The Case Against the Tiara

The Handbag: I am not entirely against, not at all. It’s just that I thought it was actually prettier pre-pearls. Yes, it’s beefier now, but it lost some of its delicate beauty.

Does Mary's wedding tiara tickle your fancy?

Random Royaling – Daisy and Niels Strøbek

There was so much good about this visit it cried out for its own post. Queen Margrethe, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary paid a visit to the Natural History Museum. To mark Daisy’s 80th birthday, the museum is hosting an exhibition called “The Queen’s Faces”.

Daisy continued her winning streak of appearances. The floral dress is lovely, and it complements the bouquet of late spring flowers. Mary is in a beige Beulah London.

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A new portrait of Daisy was unveiled. The artist is Niels Strøbek, and he has painted the Queen four times previously. This is Daisy in casual mode, under the stars, with the Yeti pelt slung across her shoulders. There is a surprising lack of royal artifacts. The frame, however, does contain the royal crown.

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På Frederiksborg Slot hænger adskillige portrætter af kongelige gennem tiden, og i dag blev et nyt tilføjet til samlingen. I anledning af Hendes Majestæt Dronningens 80-års fødselsdag blev et nyt portræt af Majestæten afsløret.⁣ ⁣ Portrættet er malet af kunstner Niels Strøbek og er en del af udstillingen ”Dronningens Ansigter” på Det Nationalhistoriske Museum, der ligeledes er skabt i anledning af den runde fødselsdag. Udstillingen portrætterer Hendes Majestæts liv, virke samt særlige interesser ved at vise film, dragter, scenografiske elementer og fotografiske portrætter af Dronningen gennem tiden.⁣ ⁣ Udover Hendes Majestæt deltog også Kronprinsparret i portrætafsløringen og udstillingsåbningen.⁣ ⁣ Foto: Ritzau Scanpix ©️

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Hendes Majestæt Dronningen har netop afsløret et nyt portræt skabt af kunstneren Niels Strøbek i anledning af Majestætens 80-års fødselsdag.⁣ ⁣ Niels Strøbek portrætterede Dronningen for første gang for 45 år siden og har gennem tiden stået bag fire øvrige portrætter af Majestæten.⁣ ⁣ Kunstneren har valgt at skabe et portræt af Dronningen af privat karakter under åben stjernehimmel og uden kongelige artefakter, men rammen i pæretræ er prydet af den kongekrone, som blandt andet findes i rigsvåbenet.⁣ ⁣ Portrættet, som har titlen ”Dronning Margrethe”, blev afsløret på Det Nationalhistoriske Museum i forbindelse med åbningen af udstillingen ”Dronningens Ansigter”. Her har publikum en sjælden mulighed for at se alle Niels Strøbeks fem portrætter under samme tag.⁣ ⁣ 📸 Det Nationalhistoriske Museum, Niels Strøbek©️

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The artist’s previous renderings reflect some interesting sides of Daisy’s character. I am particularly intrigued by 1977’s portrait. The artist also painted Henrik several times. This is my favorite.

Which Niels Strøbek portrait do you feel reflects Daisy the best?
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Fix This Fiasco–Daisy’s Turquoise Pieces

I refuse to call this set a parure. I suppose it technically meets the definition, but your pal OC just can’t do it.

Turquoise is a stone which means many different things to many people. Many of these pieces are gifts from the late Henrik so there is added sentimentality.

It’s a small bandeau rarely seen. What can we do with it?

Lots of pieces. Big and bigger.


Do any of these pieces go with each other?

Do you want to see these pieces on the next queen or different family members?

How would you fix this fiasco to make Daisy’s turquoise more palatable to you?

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Claim That Chapeau!

Today we are going to climb through the hat wing of our ladies’ closets and borrow some items for us to wear. It’s a fun category and we’ll have a runner up and a winner for each Hofdame.

Orange Chia

OC: I confess I’ve thought about my entries a bit more than anticipated. I love Sophie Wessex’s lattice style hat both for its non-traditional royal hattery and that it is convertible with different accents. I love many of the Tindall crazies and even quite a few of Beatrice & Eugenie’s adventures. I know I’d get the most wear out of Maxima’s Carmen San Diego hats. However, my choices for today’s post are each from the closet of royals I don’t typically admire on a daily basis.

First, I’ll take a dip into Camilla’s hat wing for my runner up. Big Pink from Ascot 2009 still takes my breath away. It is very much the lady wearing it, both in color and style.

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Letizia’s closet holds my winner, unbelievably. She wore this creation to King Willem Alexander’s inauguration in 2013 (how has it been that long already!?) and it was a statement. I love this hat for quite a few reasons. It’s a huge departure for the lady, both in color and style and worth a second look if only to figure out how it is attached and upright. A surprising topper to a lovely ensemble. It’s tricky for sure, but long live The Clam!

The Handbag

The Handbag – My runner up is a black and white explosion on the world’s greatest hat wearer (who maybe shares this honor with Cams).

Embed from Getty Images

I had to go again with one of the Hats of Haya as my winner. It’s not likely we’ll see her at Ascot again, so I would nab this beauty because, well, it’s a beauty. If you are going to hat it up, hat it up BIG.

Luckey Girl

LG: Runner Up – Zara Phillips at Chaz and Cams civil wedding. This is pretty much the perfect fedora and looks fabulous on her.

Winner – I’ll be sneaking into Kate’s closet again, this time for the Potato Chip hat from Zara and Mike’s wedding in 2011.


LiL: Runner up goes to this one. No, not Sad Sack Sophie! That divine hat behind her! Silvia doesn’t usually wear the BIG ONES, and this looks great on her. Gimme!

Embed from Getty Images

And First Place goes to this one. LiL loves her a Big Hat with a Fancy Doodad, and Mary wears them with panache.

Embed from Getty Images

Who’s hats appeal to you the most? Which piece would you get the most wear out of and why? What fancy hat suits you just because? Show us ALL of your favorites in the comments and tell us why they belong in your hat wing.


Spam A Man – Prince Frederik is 52

If you can even believe it. He is our perenially youthful prince.

Fun facts about Fred:

  • He has a master’s degree in political science, and extensive military training
  • He speaks four languages, Danish, French, English and German
  • When he was born, his grandfather was King of Denmark, and his great grandfather was King of Sweden

My personal favorites? Well, older Fred works for me.

We have be-spectacled Fred.

Embed from Getty Images

We have be-scarfed Fredi.

Embed from Getty Images

We have be-jeweled Fred.

Embed from Getty Images

And of course we have perpetually injured Fred. The man knows no limits to adventure, and it backfires on the lad every so often.

Embed from Getty Images

And this, from our own LiL, just never gets old.

Send us your best Fred!