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Random Royaling – Rocking the Repeats

Ok, I really reached for that cheesy alliteration. It's all for those of you who don't make it back to Bits during the week, because we have been discussing some fabulous re-wearings. I mean, really good. Maxima! The Natan dress is, I believe, new, but the slice hat is a many, many times repeat. I… Continue reading Random Royaling – Rocking the Repeats


Random Royaling – Prinsjesdag 2020

Prinsjesdag: (Little Prince Day). The reigning Dutch monarch gives a speech to the Senate and House of Representatives, setting out policy and budget for the next year. It's a constitutionally mandated, traditional event on the Dutch calendar. The Dutch busted out and did Prinsjesdag just right in the middle of a pandemic. No carriage ride… Continue reading Random Royaling – Prinsjesdag 2020