Open Post – Representationsmiddag in Sweden

The Swedish Royal Family is hosting the Representationsmiddag at the Royal Palace of Stockholm tonight. The last event was way back in before times – 2019! As a reminder, this is the event where the Swedish Royal Family hosts representatives from the diplomatic corps, parliament, government, government, science, sports, business, culture, and just regular old folks that the Royal Family met when traveling.

Let’s gear up for a tiara-palooza! Some early photos are coming on in now….

Fun details were provided by the royal house.

The royal women turned out in a spectrum of jewel tones. All the dresses were repeats, but welcome ones. Queen Silvia is wearing a blue gown with her Leuchtenberg set (tiara, necklace, and brooch).


Crown Princess Victoria wore a dress previously seen at the 2018 King’s Dinner, which she paired with the Laurel Wreath Tiara and Queen Josefina’s Diamond Stomacher Necklace, which are two emphatic statement pieces.


Princess Sofia wore a repeated (and re-invented from a maternity gown) House of Dagmar green dress, previously worn a the Nobel ceremonies. We really need to catalog the iterations of her wedding Palmette tiara because here it is again, this time in the emerald form. We see you there, Princess Christina, in your Button Tiara. She wore another jewel tone, a deep blue/purple sparkling dress.


Enjoy the sparkle in this video!

You know the drill. We’ll circle back with whatever official photos come up but you have fun in the meantime!