Lost Magnificence – Diadems

Housekeeping note: We were going to run Royal Warren(t)'s post about Romanov Orders today, but everyone enjoyed the diadem talk so much yesterday, we moved this post forward. Orders are scheduled for tomorrow! I love the word diadem.  It sounds regal, sumptuous, and exotic.  It’s appropriate for these two jeweled specimens which, back in the… Continue reading Lost Magnificence – Diadems


Lost Magnificence – Imperial Weddings

For many women their wedding day is considered one of the select days of their lives that are special and filled with memories (hopefully for the good!).  Brides fret over the dress, the veil, what’s borrowed and blue and so on and so forth!  Imagine adding the mental angst of having to follow a prescribed… Continue reading Lost Magnificence – Imperial Weddings


Lost Magnificence – Coronation Regalia

I have provided a detailed summary of the final coronation held in Russia. You will find the document at the end of this post.  Reading this summary will help in understanding the opulence and pageantry that made the Russian Imperial Court the most unique, breathtaking, and mesmerizing royal court of pre-World War I Europe.  All… Continue reading Lost Magnificence – Coronation Regalia


Lost Magnificence – Introduction

My fascination with the Court of the Romanovs began so long ago that I cannot remember not being intrigued with the history and visual impact with which we are all familiar.  I’ve read current biographies about Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Nicholas and Alexandra and Alexander, Grand Duke of Russia (published in 1932).  All… Continue reading Lost Magnificence – Introduction


Designer Diaries – Queen Sofia and Alejandro de Miguel

Alejandro de Miguel grew up in the fashion world, his parents had an atelier where they worked sewing the creations of famous designers so fancy fabrics, dresses, needles and sewing machines were his toys. He started working in the family business when he was 16 and completed his studies later at Goymar Academy in Madrid.… Continue reading Designer Diaries – Queen Sofia and Alejandro de Miguel