The Belgian Royals….

….made an en famille appearance, for the yearly commemorative service held in honor of the deceased members of the family. It’s a lovely tradition, and one where the family sports suitably sober wardrobe choices. The adult members of the family were all accounted for, King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, King Albert II, Queen Paola, Prince Laurent, Princess Esméralda, Princess Léa and Princess Margaretha.

Of the ladies, I am most intrigued by Paola’s coat, since it continues our plaid (ish) theme for the week. I find the shoulder detail interesting and not as overwhelming as the giant bows that perch on the shoulders of other royal ladies. As much as I love an originally deployed brooch, I almost wish Mathilde had left her waist ornament off. I think it would help the fit and flow of this coat.

Photo Credit: Jannemieke

When I saw her hat from the front, I was filled with hope that it was a classic pillbox. Hope dashed, dream died. I will not speak further of it, except to say that it must be a style she finds particularly comfortable, or comforting.