Open Post – Felipe and Letizia in Angola (Updated Day 3)

The King and Queen have departed for their first official visit of the new year. The trip to Angola also marks the first time the royal couple has visited this part of the African continent. We must give a big hat tip to our Baguette Iselen for the detailed itinerary. It’s an official visit, not a state visit, and it’s also to a republic. No tiaras are anticipated at all – sorry Baguettes!


  • Monday, February 6
    • Departure from Spain and arrival in Angola
  • Tuesday, February 7
    • Ceremony of Honor
    • Reception at the Presidential Palace
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon activities including opening a Miro exhibit
    • Reception for the Spanish community
  • Wednesday, February 8
    • Morning activities including business meetings and visit to a maternity ward
    • Visit to the National Assembly


Monday, February 6th

The King and Queen left the country with an official farewell at Torrejón de Ardoz military airport. 

From Iselen: For their arrival in Luanda, the Queen wore a new Hugo Boss ensemble in pink. She has the same blouse in navy blue. The bag is new too, Carolina Herrera, but she also has the same model in white and fuchsia. Magrit shoes from  2016. 

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Tuesday, February 7th

Ceremony of honor at the memorial to Agostinho Neto, first president of the country. The dress is a Jose Hidalgo rewear.

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The beautiful Queen and some fabulous accessories, including pearls for those who are craving them.

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There was a clothing change for the afternoon activities, and this peak Letiza, both hair and ensemble. As a great fan of Joan Miró, I tried to get as much of the art in the embeds as possible, but it’s still not enough!

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  • Reception with honors at the Presidential Palace by the President and the First Lady, Ana Afonso Dias.
  • Signing of three memorandums of understanding between the two countries on sports cooperation, cooperation between the respective diplomatic schools and on industry 4.0.
  • Lunch in honor of the King and Queen offered by the Angolan President and the First Lady.
  • Presentation on the International University of Cuanza promoted by FUNIBER Foundation that seeks to promote the teaching of Spanish and the exchange of students and teachers.
  • Inauguration of Joan Miró’s exhibition, “El cántico del Sol y las maravillas acrostáticas”, at the headquarters of Banco Económico, organized by FUNIBER.

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Wednesday, February 8th

The King and the President of Angola inaugurated the business meeting ‘Together building the future’, while the Queen and the First Lady visit a maternity hospital to learn about the work being done with newborns.

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The royal couple then visited the National Assembly of Angola, where Felipe VI is also scheduled to give a speech.

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We’ll drop official photos as we find them!