In Defense of the Tiara – The Diamond Daisy Tiara

For our last entry in this series of “daughter in law” tiaras, we are focusing on the Diamond Daisy Tiara that Mette-Marit wore for her wedding.

The History

This tiara of daisies surrounded by scalloped circles, was made in 1910 and was given to Mette-Marit by King Harald and Queen Sonja. It is believed to have been made by Garrard.

For the 1999 movie, An Ideal Husband, Cate Blanchett either wore either this tiara or a duplicate. Since the movie was released two years prior to the wedding, it may indeed be the same tiara. As Garrard’s provides loans to movie makers, and has sold jewelry to the Norwegians in the past, it is likely the tiara came from them.

In the years after the wedding, this has become Mette-Marit’s most worn tiara, although she has worn others from the vault as well.

The Case for the Tiara

LiL: I LOVE this tiara. Would I like to see her shake it up a bit, and branch out more often? Sure. But this is so HER, that I can’t complain too much.

The Handbag: Can a tiara be low-key? If so, this is it. It is lovely. Feminine. Very MM, and will be suitable for Ingrid Alexandra when the time comes. It is so…..Norwegian. It never shouts, it whispers.

LG: I’m not usually one for smaller tiaras, but this one is gorgeous. It is perfectly suited for our Norwegian Crown Princess, and will one day suit Ingrid Alexandra as well.

The Case against the Tiara

OC: As part of MM’s reimaging campaign, this piece cannot be beat. However, this is not the tiara of a Crown Princess, but rather her daughter coming of age.

What do you think of MM's tiara?