Random Royaling – National Day in Spain

Note: The Getty embed function has undergone a change. We have no official word from Getty on this, it’s only what we have deduced by observing what is happening on this and other blogs. Photos embedded prior to Thursday have broken links. The actual photos have disappeared from our site, although you can click on the link to view them on the the Getty site. The purpose of this unusual Saturday post is twofold, to test the new Getty linking and to discuss National Day in Spain, which needs discussing!

Four of the most beautiful people on earth appeared at Spain’s National Day: King Felipe, Queen Letizia and two random adults. How much have Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia changed recently?

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Letizia wore Varela, a common go-to for her at this event. She worked the feminine, frilly end of the spectrum here. The pink midi is ruffled and heavily embroidered. It’s not my favorite type of Letizia appearance, but I’ll give her this, she manages to wear the twee right out of it. The girls look lovely and tailored and the whole family unit coordinated subtly and seamlessly, as always.

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I never really thought these two resembled each other before, but I see it here.

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What do you think of the National Day appearance?