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Random Royaling – Royal Tours

I really wish these folks would slow down a little, but no one listens to me. Off we go, on a royal tour. Or two. Or three.

Wessex Visit to Gibraltar

The Wessex’s second day in Gibraltar was packed full of activities and four five wardrobe changes for the Countess. The couple started the day with a tour of the Moorish Castle. Sophie wore a deep blue Me & Em tiered maxi dress. They also took a walkabout on Main Street, spending time talking with residents. I know I have professed my floral fatigue, but I have nothing but love for Sophie’s Suzannah silk tea dress.

The pair visited the Gibraltar Special Olympics Complex, and Sophie changed into a new sleeveless Emilia Wickstead dress for the activities that need plenty of movement. Somewhere in there, they fit in time to take a paddle in Sandy Bay, and the Countess wore a “Rebellious Hope” t-shirt. Proceeds from the company benefit the “Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research“. You might remember that Prince William recently visited with the Bowel Babe, Dame Deborah James.

Finally, the Countess changed into a print Alexander McQueen for the evening festivities.

Today, June 9th, the Earl and Countess attended a parade in honor of the Queen’s Jubilee. The Countess brought out her Emilia Wickstead horse print dress, most famously seen at the Luxembourg wedding in 2012. I like it much better in this setting.

Crown Princess Victoria’s Visit to the Netherlands

Note: We discussed some of Victoria’s outfits from the first day in Tuesday’s “Scandinavian Round-Up” comments!

The Crown Princess spent her second (and last) day in the Netherlands zipping from town to town visiting technology companies and viewing sustainability initiatives at the Rotterdam Port. Friend of the blog, Gert-Jan, has graciously allowed us to use some photos he took of the day! (Please do not reproduce them elsewhere!).

She wore Filippa K cropped trousers and a Filippa K blazer. She’s picked up her mother’s trick of carrying a stole with her for those moments that require warmth. This one is by Loro Piana and is called the “La Pergola Fiorita”.

UFONoMore has all the details.

Belgian Visit to the Congo

Note: King Philipe and Queen Mathilde are on a six-day visit to the Congo. We don’t talk politics here, but it’s worth noting that the colonial history of the Belgians in the Congo was appalling. The purpose of the trip is to address these past wrongs and begin reconciliation, hopefully leading to stronger relations between the two countries. The King had previously written to the President of the Congo expressing his regrets. During this visit, the King addressed the past in a forthright and historic speech, which I encourage everyone to read about here. Let’s keep our own discussion in the comments on the fashions, which should provide us with plenty of material thanks to the stellar sartorial standout First Lady Denise Tshisekedi.

The King and Queen started the second day of their trip by visiting the Veteran’s Memorial. They moved on to the DRC Museum and held bilateral meetings with President Felix Tshisekedi and First Lady Denise Tshisekedi. Mathilde’s dress is by Natan. The First Lady’s dresses reflect the traditional bright colors used in a Congolese pagne (wrapper, or skirt, typically made from wax print textiles).

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The Queen changed into a new Marie Méro dress to visit Silikin Village, where the couple stopped in on training initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship in the young.

We don’t have any ID on the Queen’s evening dinner ensemble, but she looked lovely in her soft white shirt with a floral skirt. Once again, the First Lady is dazzling.

You can see some terrific up-close photos and learn about all the accessories at Modekoningin Mathilde!

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Today (June 9th), the royal couple toured marketplaces, and you can see the actual pagne fabric in the stalls. The Queen wore a new geometric print dress.

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Let us know what you think of the tours and the ensembles!