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Random Royaling – The Summer of the Flowing Print

They are all doing it, folks. I realize the trend of the flowing print midi started well before this summer (too long ago for some of us) but since it shows no sign of slowing down, I thought we would take a look at some of the best efforts over the past two months. Again, I think I am being worn down by pure repetition, because not only did I not mind these, I flat out liked them. In one case, loved them.

Kate is wearing a flowing, filmy number by Ridley London. While I am not overly fond of the enormous dust ruffle decorating the hem, the fabric itself is lovely, and looks like it would be cool and delightful to wear. The whole thing flows.

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Victoria’s entries into the flowing field have been extremely problematic for me, mostly because I love how she looks in solid sheaths. This print silk midi by H&M is both a flattering spring (it was still spring at that point) color, and the flow of the dress works with her figure.

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Leti’s silk dress by Sandro isn’t her usual, but it is certainly flattering. I really like this on her, probably due to the boldness of the pattern and the surprisingly slim silhouette for something so unstructured. Now, would this work on someone less fit and slender than the Queen? Possibly not. Maybe my love for the blue ombre shoes is skewing my perception of the whole thing.

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I am not entirely sure why I love Madeleine’s polka dot midi. It has a handkerchief hem which usually drives me mad, and gathered puffed sleeves which set me on edge, but it just works for her. Maybe it’s her height, maybe it’s the freshness of the unexpected color combination, but whatever it is I find this just a delight. (All photos of Madeleine Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court ).

Just a note…we will have an ROGBIV that focuses on florals, so if you are going to post your own favorite print, make sure to keep something in reserve for that feature.

How does this trend sit with you?