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Ten Best for the Tenth Anniversary-Wedding Guest Attire

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times here on the Bag…THIS is the event that keeps on giving. These guests are in no particular order, until the very last (and best according to this Hofdame). Let’s get down to business!

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think we can all agree this is a fine appearance in a striking uniform.

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Princess Tatiana of the Hellenes

For some reason, this gown just screams junior Greek royal family to me. It’s a bit seaside, a bit floaty, and a bit glam all at the same time.

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Parents of the groom, Olle and Ewa Westling

Both of these people have a LOT of sartorial competition and I think they each did more than holding their own. Mrs. Westling looks lovely in what looks to be a dove gray somewhat traditional mother dress. Mr. Westling can do white tie just as well as anyone.

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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Daisy brought her A-game in the Green Apple Awesomeness.

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Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands

The striking entry into the division is worthy of discussion. Black and white with red accents kept true to this princess’s quirky style.

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King Abdullah of Jordan

He always smartens up nicely. Throw in white tie and hey there!

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Parents of the bride, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden

Mom brought out baby pink for her baby girl’s wedding and Captain Sweden shines in full regalia.

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Queen Anne Marie of the Hellenes

I mayyyy be cheating a bit with this entry as it could be I love Anne Marie’s outfit because of the fine ruby parure suite accompanying the navy gown.

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Princess Claire of Belgium

This princess is often turned out quite nicely, but I find this red gown to be one of her finer appearances.

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Hofdame’s Choice

We’ve come to the end of our post. It should be no surprise that Infanta Elena of Spain, Duchess of Lugo is my winner here. You can read more about this fabulosity in our Masterpiece Theater entry for this ensemble.

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What say you? Who were some of your favorite entries in the wedding guest division? Show us a photo and tell us why you love the appearance in the comments!


Ascot Appreciation—Queen Elizabeth

Let’s round out our week of Ascot Appreciation with the grande dame herself, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Each Hofdame will post one of her favorite appearances.

The Handbag: Here she is, all swish and glamour in 1954. Honestly, none of the young ‘uns these day hold a candle to her.

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LiL: I’m going with a super recent appearance. Last year to be exact. One was having a splendid summer season in 2019, and was not about to let a bit of rain slow her down. I love the color of this coat on her, and the floral trimmed hat is tons of fun. LLTQ!

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LG: Like The Handbag, I’m hopping in the way back machine and heading to the 50s; 1955 to be exact. Love this floaty floral.

OC: Not the most flattering images of our lady, but I am super interested in this outfit because of the swirly peaches & pink paisleys I see in the floaty dress underneath. Fab hat. Blech brooch.

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What are your favorite Ascot appearances by Queen Elizabeth? Show us your favorites in the comments and tell us why you love them!


Ascot Appreciation–Princess Beatrice

This year is the Ascot that isn’t – insert sad trombone here. Since we don’t have an Ascot to watch this year, this week we will console ourselves with Ascot appearances of the past. Lucky you, you get to hear from all the hofdames on this subject, each one tackling a favorite. First up, our own opinionated OC!

Princess Beatrice of York has made headlines of all sorts with her fashion escapades. Today, we’ll take a look at some of this Hofdame’s favorite Ascot fashions.

2018 produced this lovely blue confection, which I see as one of her most traditional princessy looks of all time. Love the hat. (I see you Mrs. Brooksbank…I do NOT see you Mrs. Wessex.)

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A 2015 entry of a simple dress with some colorful fun accessories. Her clutch says “Bea” on it.

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This 2010 entry is not sartorially interesting, but a fun hat on a young royal (she’s 22 here) is always nice. It suits her coloring beautifully.

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Another 2010 entry for Ladies Day, which also compliments her coloring.

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Those of you with lace fatigue, please look away from this lovely 2014 entry. Note the floral funky shoes…they shouldn’t work, but they do.

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Naturally, I have a soft spot for this outfit, also from 2014.

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We’ll finish off here with another stellar hat from 2017.

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What is your favorite Princess Beatrice Ascot appearance? Show us a photo in the comments!

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Fix This Fiasco–Daisy’s Turquoise Pieces

I refuse to call this set a parure. I suppose it technically meets the definition, but your pal OC just can’t do it.

Turquoise is a stone which means many different things to many people. Many of these pieces are gifts from the late Henrik so there is added sentimentality.

It’s a small bandeau rarely seen. What can we do with it?

Lots of pieces. Big and bigger.


Do any of these pieces go with each other?

Do you want to see these pieces on the next queen or different family members?

How would you fix this fiasco to make Daisy’s turquoise more palatable to you?

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Claim That Chapeau!

Today we are going to climb through the hat wing of our ladies’ closets and borrow some items for us to wear. It’s a fun category and we’ll have a runner up and a winner for each Hofdame.

Orange Chia

OC: I confess I’ve thought about my entries a bit more than anticipated. I love Sophie Wessex’s lattice style hat both for its non-traditional royal hattery and that it is convertible with different accents. I love many of the Tindall crazies and even quite a few of Beatrice & Eugenie’s adventures. I know I’d get the most wear out of Maxima’s Carmen San Diego hats. However, my choices for today’s post are each from the closet of royals I don’t typically admire on a daily basis.

First, I’ll take a dip into Camilla’s hat wing for my runner up. Big Pink from Ascot 2009 still takes my breath away. It is very much the lady wearing it, both in color and style.

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Queen Letizia’s closet holds my winner, unbelievably. She wore this creation to King Willem Alexander’s inauguration in 2013 (how has it been that long already!?) and it was a statement. I love this hat for quite a few reasons. It’s a huge departure for the lady, both in color and style and worth a second look if only to figure out how it is attached and upright. A surprising topper to a lovely ensemble. It’s tricky for sure, but long live The Clam!

The Handbag

The Handbag – My runner up is a black and white explosion on the world’s greatest hat wearer (who maybe shares this honor with Cams).

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I had to go again with one of the Hats of Haya as my winner. It’s not likely we’ll see her at Ascot again, so I would nab this beauty because, well, it’s a beauty. If you are going to hat it up, hat it up BIG.

Luckey Girl

LG: Runner Up – Zara Phillips at Chaz and Cams civil wedding. This is pretty much the perfect fedora and looks fabulous on her.

Winner – I’ll be sneaking into Kate’s closet again, this time for the Potato Chip hat from Zara and Mike’s wedding in 2011.


LiL: Runner up goes to this one. No, not Sad Sack Sophie! That divine hat behind her! Silvia doesn’t usually wear the BIG ONES, and this looks great on her. Gimme!

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And First Place goes to this one. LiL loves her a Big Hat with a Fancy Doodad, and Mary wears them with panache.

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Who’s hats appeal to you the most? Which piece would you get the most wear out of and why? What fancy hat suits you just because? Show us ALL of your favorites in the comments and tell us why they belong in your hat wing.