Random Royaling – Christmas in Monaco

I’ve been royal-watching for yonks years and even I didn’t realize the extent of Christmas activities in Monaco. We’ve covered a couple of them in Bits, but let’s do a deep dive on two of them here – with a bonus look at an interview.

Their Serene Highnesses attended the inauguration of the traditional Christmas Tree Ceremony at Monaco Palace. Charlene looks terrific in her oversized-collar cape — that blue suits her. They also distributed gifts to the children of Monaco. You can see a close-up of Char’s boots and a breakdown of the twins clothes over at UFONoMore.

Embed from Getty Images

Here’s another annual event which has been under-the-radar for a while. The pair celebrated Action Innocence Monaco’s Christmas Tree auction. Around here, we can never get enough of the sparkles for the holiday season so Char’s dress is pinging my delight meter. The Prince countered her checkmate with a holiday tie of his own.

Charlene gave an interview to Monaco-Matin where she discussed her continued recovery. She returned to her comfort zone – Akris – wearing gray separates from the design house.

If photos trickle in, we’ll have an Open Post up for the Princess of Wales’ Westminster Christmas event later today. It’s beginning to look a lot like the season around here.