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ROYGBIV—Blue jewelry

Happy Thursday, Handbaggers! It’s time for blue jewelry. If you are new to our community, please do take a moment and review the other colors covered thus far: Red jewelry, Orange jewelry, Yellow jewelry, and Green jewelry. Don’t worry you aquamarine lovers—plenty to see here! Let’s get started.


Ooooooh I do love me an appearance of their Coronation Necklace and Madeleine wore it beautifully at her sister’s 2010 wedding.

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I just love this photo of Elizabeth’s Aquamarine Tiara in its original form, which I think quite attractive. And we all know, I prefer almost any necklace without the pendants so I find this outing very successful.

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A timely entry for these sapphire earrings, as they were worn during the 2019 incoming state visit from the United States.

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Sophie’s tiara is growing on me. Very slowly, but it is indeed growing on me.


How excited was I to see my beloved aquamarine pinecones at the banquet this week? I cannot explain my admiration for them. They make me smile. You can read more at the Court Jeweller.


And last but not least, my favorite of Betty’s sapphires because of their beauty and that her beloved papa gave them to her. Read more about them at Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault.

The Natural Sapphire Company


Another fabulous entry from our Dutch friends with this unusual piece. More fabulous information from dutchroyaljewels, as always!

I gave a hint to this during ROYGBIV-Blue last week, and I really do love this smaller tiara. This week we’ll show it on Maxima wearing some other spectacular pieces of the Dutch vault.


It’s a stretch to include the Barberini, as it technically isn’t royal, but it’s hard for me to ignore. You can read more about it and the rest of the parure at Order of Sartorial Splendor.


Queen Amelie’s Sapphire & Diamond parure is quite impressive. I feel like the tiara is somehow unbalanced with the size of the other pieces, but I’ll take it.


Absolute my favorite tiara coming out of this tiny country. Looks good on everyone. Please visit our friends at Luxarazzi for more information.


Auntie Astrid’s got about the only turquoise pieces I can tolerate, and even the tiara doesn’t thrill me. But she wears them with her usual panache, and who can ask more than that!

And my final comment? Denmark and Belgium–GET IT TOGETHER. I can’t even bring myself to post the paltry amount of blue in your houses.

What say you about these blue examples? Would you like to see other people wear any of these pieces besides the current holder? Show us your favorite blue royal jewels in the comments!