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ROYGBIV—Green Jewels

Happy Thursday friends! It’s time for another edition of ROYGBIV and today we are talking about green jewels. For a refresher on jewels already discussed, feel free to take a look back at Red jewels, Orange jewels, and Yellow jewels.


This emerald egg has a beautiful color, and I nearly fell over when Maxima wore it with the van Gogh dress on a state visit to China in November 2015, along with my beloved “Walnut” clutch.

When anyone uses the word “stonking” to describe a jewel, my mind immediately comes to this emerald. It’s simply enormous and to my eye, has a striking color to boot. Nice and bright and can stand up to any sort of evening dress.

Max also has some new green jewelry this year, and I’m intrigued by the stone combinations here. I think I like the original four peridot configuration a bit better.


Who can forget Archduchess Isabella’s diamond and peridot tiara? Sometimes mistaken for emeralds, these peridots have been worn on a few occasions in modern times. The tiara is pretty grand and can be worn in two forms. The late American comedienne Joan Rivers famously wore the earrings and necklace to the 2004 Golden Globes Awards.

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Queen Silvia has a waterfall necklace featuring emeralds, which I’d like to see used again. It’s quite pretty, though this color combination shown here is quite Christmas-y, no?



Wallis Simpson received a striking emerald engagement ring from Edward that is hard to miss.


Queen Victoria’s luscious emeralds with a video explanation.


It has often been said that the Chaumet Emerald Tiara held by the Luxies reminds people of Wonder Woman’s tiara. While I can see that, the staggering size of the central element deserves a moment of glory.



Princess TnT, or Gloria has had some really really large jewels available to her in the past. Here is one of the tiaras that wasn’t sold during her widowhood. It reminds me of Monaco’s Cartier Pearl Drop, but with emeralds and I find it to be much more successful the our English friend, Vlad.



We’ll just let this beauty speak for itself. Enjoy this video from Christie’s. It’s sensational!

What do you think of these green examples? Would you like to see any of these pieces on different people?

Show us your favorite royal green jewelry in the comments!