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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Most of the royals are disappearing into their summer dachas or travels, but never fear, we have rustled up some news for you.

Some housekeeping first: voting in the Great Wedding Gown, Road Less Travelled Game (for the top 5) continues until Thursday. The top five change practically daily, so go and vote. Don’t give up hope on your favorites.


Prince Charles the Not-Tiny has been everywhere. Everywhere. See it here.

Back in the Bag

Two years ago, in the halcyon pre-Covid days, the Danish and Swedish first cousins had a bit of a vacation together.


Well, this is one tough Queen-in-Training. The Duchess of Brabant has completed her three-day internship at the Commando Training Center and is finishing her year at the Royal Military School. Some of these photos made me a bit queasy – not a fan of heights here. The princess handled it all. Also – shallow alert – this camouflage is the coolest.

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One of our favorite royals is summering on Hankø, which I am told is a charming island in Norway. Recently, the Princess received an unexpected visit from the crew of the lifeboat that bears the name of her sister, Princess Ragnhild. Astrid was given a tour and seemed to enjoy it immensely, as she does everything. Love those clam diggers, Auntie.


Queen Margrethe sent her warmest greetings to the Faroese people on their National Day, and also released a photo. ⁣ She is wearing the traditional dress, and looking mighty Queenly and a little defiant doing so. (Edited: Danish bracelet alert!)


We are circling back to the Jordanian working visit to D.C. because I caught a glimpse of these shoes. The Queen (and the King) met with various leaders at the U.S. Capitol, and Rania wore her Roksanda Ilincic dress and the aforementioned Dior Cruise 2017 Colourblock Pattern Pumps. If you would like to see more, please visit Queen Rania’s Closet.

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The Emperor, Empress, Crown Prince Akishino, Crown Princess Kiko, Princess Mako and Princess Kako visited the Imperial Palace for a ceremony honoring the anniversary of Emperor Meiji’s death.

The Japanese government convened a panel to discuss the stabilization of succession of the Chrysanthemum Throne. The panel declined to discuss opening the way for a woman to become empress, instead focusing on two issues: allowing female family members to retain royal status after marriage and allowing men from former branches of the Imperial family to regain imperial status through adoption by the Imperial family. I find most of these discussions more confusing than clarifying, but you have the latest.


We haven’t gone vacationing with the royals in a while. Let’s rectify this. HRH Princess Senate Seesio recently posted some photos of her trip to Botswana and Namibia. I found the photos soothing and celebrate the fact that nature continues on while man grapples with the troubles of the world.


Come in and make yourself at home. We’ll be here all week to chat about royal doings, and we welcome your input.